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The pleasure of dealing with Plus 94 Research does not only stem from the fact that innovativeness is a company tradition, but also from the knowledge that the company is not bound by tradition itself. The value of our work is acknowledged only when the client is able to make effective decisions with greater levels of certainty.


We offer customised quantitative and qualitative research studies, that are innovative without compromising the quality of work, and provide strategic insight that is relevant to business.


At Plus 94 we believe in partnership and therefore commit ourselves to understanding our clients' business needs in order to provide strategic solutions that are relevant, accurate and meaningful.


Our diverse and talented teams have the expertise required to handle complex projects. Our goal is to ensure that clients find the experience of running a research project to be a pleasurable one. Each project has a dedicated research team with members that bring in technical insights and expertise. Our researchers are guided by scientific principles in designing and delivering surveys. They are also members of SAMRA (Southern African Marketing Research Association).


Business orientation underlies the culture within Plus 94 Research. Our company is held in high regard by both clients and competitors alike, resulting from the quality of services it renders and the personal and professional integrity of its staff.